The End Is Near!

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Endings are sad things. Always have been, always will be. No matter how much you tell yourself that you had an amazing time, and made plenty of new memories and friends, it’s always sad when good things end.

This year’s YOUKI festival has been the best of the three I’ve attended. Everyone is so friendly and open to new ideas. And the films are outstanding.

The theme Teenager in love was relevant to everyone – something you can relate to know, or something you’ve experienced in the past, anything. It was a great idea to give the YOUKI a theme, and it worked. Although it was sometimes hard to see what the short films had to do with it, you could always find the thread if you looked or thought hard enough.

I love how the different films can make you laugh or cry, wonder or roll your eyes.

The YOUKI festival has always been a genius idea, and is incredibly well-done. Too bad all good things must end – luckily there’s always next year!


von Aida Koné-el-adji

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